Assemble's intuitive calendar builder allows you to build collaborative calendars and quickly adjust timelines on the fly, as well as efficiently organize your project and assets by different activities.

Activities and Tasks

As you'll see on the left sidebar, the calendar is broken into different Activities, which are phases of the project based around a specific goal, such as casting, location, shoot or edit.

Under each Activity, create Tasks related to that Activity by clicking Create Task, typing a Task Name, and then hitting Enter. For instance, under Creative we may need Tasks such as "Script V1", and "Script Approval".

Next, drag the Task onto the calendar and drop it on a date. The next screen will enable you to edit the Task if needed, and assign it to a specific team member or Creator.

As you create Tasks, they will be saved as a preset under that Activity for future use. This allows you to quickly build calendars in the future based on commonly used presets.

Approval and Changes

Once you've built out your entire calendar, you or your team can change the status to In Progress, Changes Requested, or Approved in the top right hand corner.

In the future, if the timeline shifts, you can easily drag and drop calendar items to different dates and quickly adjust your calendar on the fly.

Managing your Project

Once you've built your calendar, you'll notice that the entire left sidebar of your dashboard has been populated with Activities. These Activities correspond to the specific Activities that were used when building your calendar, and will allow you to efficiently organize all your project assets moving forward.

Upload assets related to each Activity in the appropriate Activity folder to keep your project organized. For instance, creative items such as Scripts and Storyboards should go under "Creative". Talent options should go under "Casting", and so on and so forth.

If you've added any Tasks related to "Shoot" to your calendar, you'll be able to build out shoot days by clicking the Shoot folder.

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