Assemble enables you to upload and review all file types, and provides a handful of folder structures to enable better organization of your project.

Organizing your Project

Once your calendar is built with various Activities, your project will be organized into a series of corresponding Activity folders on the left hand sidebar of your project, such as Creative, Casting and Location.

To keep your project and team organized, upload files into their appropriate Activity folders. For instance, assets such as scripts and storyboards should go under Creative, while assets such as wardrobe boards or props lists should go under Art.

This enables you to quickly access files in the future, and also helps you build out your project in a book format for quick review.

Uploading Files

To upload files, click on the appropriate Activity folder in the left hand sidebar. For instance, scripts should go in Creative, edits of a video file should go under Edit, and so on.

Once you've selected the appropriate Activity folder, click the Upload File button to add a file. On the next screen, you'll be able to name the file, and then upload single or multiple files.

Uploading a single file will create a Single File with Version Control. Uploading multiple files will create a Gallery.

Pro Tip: Version control will allow you to upload new versions of a file directly to the existing file. Because of this, you should name your file the final file name, and then use the built-in version control to manage the versions. For instance, rather than naming a file "Script V1", simply name it "Script", and then the built-in version control will track what version you are currently on.

On special Activity folders, such as Casting, Location and Shoot, you will be prompted to create unique file structures instead of uploading files directly.

File Structures

Within the Activity folders, there are four different file structures you will be able to use to organize your assets.

When uploading a single file, it will always default to this file type. Once the file is uploaded, you'll be able to leave comments on the file, change the status of the file, and upload new version of the file. If it is a video file, you'll be able to leave comments directly on the timeline with a corresponding timecode reference.

  • Gallery

When uploading multiple files at the same time, it will default to a gallery view. This enables you to store multiple files within one single asset, and scroll through them using the left and right scroll buttons.

You can change the status of the gallery as a whole, and leave comments on the gallery as a whole.

Galleries do not allow for uploading of new versions or version control.

  • Submission Gallery¬†

When clicking on special Activity folders such as Casting or Location, instead of adding files, you will be prompted to "Add Location" or "Add Role".

This feature will create a Submission Gallery, which will enable you to submit multiple different galleries for one final approval. This is particularly useful in situations such as locations or casting, where you are submitting multiple different options to choose from.

  • Event

Clicking on special Activity folders such as Shoot will prompt you to create an event by clicking Add Day 1.

An Event is a dynamic file type that enables you to add details, approved locations and talent, weather, directions and more.

Where Should my File Go?

We use Activity folders to help all users efficiently organize their project, and believe that all files can be categorized in one of the available Activity folders.

However, if you have a file that you believe doesn't fit in any of your current Activity folders, you can do two things:

  1. Open the Calendar and check the left hand sidebar of available Activities. Check to see if you possibly missed an Activity that is needed on this project. If so, create a Task related to that Activity and drag that Task onto the calendar. This will create the Activity folder in your dashboard's left hand sidebar, and you can now upload files to that Activity folder.
  2. If you believe that the file doesn't belong in any of the possible Activity folders, consider adding it to the Creative Brief by clicking the Creative Brief folder in the left hand sidebar, clicking the three dots in the top right of the creative brief, then selecting Edit Creative Brief, then clicking on the last section of the brief titled Additional Files. Here you can upload as many additional files as needed, and they will be viewable as attachments to the Creative Brief.

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