There are two types of users on Assemble's platform; team members and Creators.

Team members are members of your team or any other person you want to invite to your project to review and leave feedback.

Creators are the creative talent, or vendors, added to your project. Creatives are added to your project via Assemble's creative talent network.

In addition to being a collaboration platform, Assemble is also a powerful vendor management tool. 

As you add Creators to your projects over time, you'll be able to store them in your own internal company database on Assemble and build out your own internal network of trusted Creators. This enables you to effectively track and organize your vendor network and quickly access Creators you like for future projects.

Because of this, Creators are always added to the "Creator" folder on your project. Any Creators added here will also be added to your company's internal Creator network on Assemble.

To add team members to your project, click the "Invite" button at the top right of the project. 

To add Creators, select and approve a Creator from the Creators folder in the left hand sidebar.

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