Adding Actors

To add talent options for approval, select the Casting activity folder and click Add Role

Next, you will define the role that you are you hoping to fill by entering the role name. You can also add more detailed casting information such as gender, age, role description and more.

Please note, this is not the name of the actual actor you are uploading, but rather the name of the role that the project calls for. For instance, the script could call for a "Career Focused Mom", in which case, you would add that name to the role definition here.

On the next screen, you'll be able to add the actor submissions. Name the actor submission with the actual name of the actor you are submitting (for instance, Katie), and then upload all of the photos of the actor by clicking Upload Photos.

You can easily add more actor submissions by clicking the New Actor button to the right of the form.

Once you have added all your locations, click Done and the Submission Gallery will be completed.

In the Submission Gallery, you will see the name and description of the role you're looking for, as well as all of the actor submissions below. You can click each actor submission to open a gallery of images for that actor. 

Once you or your team has picked their favorite actor submission, mark them as Approved by clicking the Set Status button in the top right of the file viewer. This actor will now be marked as the approved actor, and all other actor submissions will be hidden. 

If you ever want to view the hidden actor submissions, simply open the approved file, and change the status back by clicking the Approved button and selecting Remove Label.

Once an actor submission has been approved, the Gallery Submission card will change to feature the approved actor and will be marked as approved.

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