You may be familiar with hashtagging or tags used on other platforms and Assemble uses them in a similar fashion, with a few key differences.

First, the tags you can apply to your video are selected from four lists: Project Type, Industry, Tone, and Skills.  Each list will feature several tags, of which you can pick as many as you'd like.

Second, it's important that you are accurate and thorough in your application of each tag as it pertains to your video.  For example, should you upload a short documentary in which a cat appears in the background of a couple shots, you would not tag "animals" as a skill on display, as this video doesn't speak to your ability to work with animals.  More on what does and does not constitute each tag can be found in the next articles.

Lastly, egregiously mis-tagged videos can and will flag your account.  We routinely quality check our network to keep search results relevant for our clients, as much as our creatives.  Accurate tagging will ensure you appear in the search results for clients who want what you can do, and will increase the likelihood they'll choose you for their project.  Repeatedly mis-tagging your work can lead to your removal from the Assemble Network.

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