Project Budget Preferences

Project Budget preferences are entered during your application to the Assemble Network.  These numbers are only visible to you and are never shown publicly.  Instead, they are used by our algorithm to help match you with clients. You can change your budget preferences at any time, and we encourage you to experiment with different thresholds to attract projects that interest you.  For example, we know some creators are occasionally open to lower budgets if the creative is compelling  - lowering your budget thresholds may increase the likelihood of showing up in a client’s search in these instances.  Other times, you may only be open to attracting higher budget projects and setting your preferences accordingly will ensure you’re only seen by those clients.

On the Assemble Platform, there are three types of project budgets separated by usage: Corporate, Web, and Broadcast.  While not a perfect science, these three categories allow creators to have a sliding scale for different budget scopes.


Corporate projects are typically the lowest budgeted on the Assemble Platform and often includes interviews, documentaries or other types of corporate work.  You can typically expect the team size, time commitment, and revision counts to be lower and leaner on these projects.  


Web projects are the middle of the road on the Assemble Platform.  You can expect a larger audience to see your work and conversely larger budgets, team sizes, time commitment, and rounds of revisions with the client.


Broadcast projects, on the Assemble Platform and beyond, have long had the highest budgets and largest audience of the commercial world.  As such, you can expect these jobs to typically have large teams, larger scopes, and high time commitments.

Since budgets for each of these usage types can blend with one another, we allow you to set a high and low for each usage indicating the range of budgets you are interested in.

Keep all this in mind when experimenting with your budget thresholds as this will be key in managing how much work you receive and how selective you are with it.

Day Rate Budget Preferences

When accepted to the Assemble Network, you will have been vetted for one or more creative roles.  Upon signing in for the first time, you will be asked to set your Day Rate for each role you have been vetted for. These rates are only visible to you, and can be changed at any time.  They are used by our algorithm to match you with clients interested in hiring based on day rates.

Like the Project Budget preferences, you are encouraged to experiment with your Day Rates, setting them higher or lower, depending on the type of work you’re looking for and how busy you’d like to be.  

Changing Your Budget Preferences

You can change your Project and Day Rate preferences at any time by navigating to the by clicking your profile icon in the top right, selecting Account Settings > Edit Profile, and scrolling down to Budget.

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