Your portfolio isn’t just used to show potential clients your abilities, it’s also your application to the Assemble Network. This is why it’s incredibly important your portfolio is curated to show your best work.  Upload only what you're most proud of and be sure to keep it diverse, to give potential clients a sense of your creative range.  Be sure every piece is polished - no unfinished work will be accepted.  And while we only require three portfolio pieces to apply to our network, we always encourage you to include more.

Each portfolio piece should be tagged thoroughly and honestly, as these tags are used in our algorithm to match you with projects for which you’re best suited. It’s our goal to maintain a highly curated community of talent from which clients can quickly match with creators they’re looking for.  Egregious or improper tagging of videos during the application or on subsequent portfolio submissions after acceptance to the network can lead to your removal from the platform.

You will also need to accurately indicate every role you performed on each project you upload. Only select roles that you performed yourself on the project. Every role you apply for will require at least three examples to be approved, so be aware of the roles you’re applying for and make sure you have at least three pieces in your portfolio for which you performed those roles.  

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