Once a client invites you to a job, you can choose whether you would like to Apply or Decline the job, based on a few factors.

Reviewing the Job

First, review the client's Creative Brief, which will have all of the details of the project as well as the budget. Make sure you are comfortable with the scope and budget before applying. You can also leave comments on the brief if you have any questions for the client.  The creative brief can be found in the creative brief tab along the left within the project.

Project Budgets

For budget, there are two types of bids that the client can choose from. Fixed Bids mean the client has a set budget for the project that must be adhered to. Flexible Bids mean the client may or may not have set a target budget, and they are open to you proposing budgets that may come in higher or lower.  The client will then consider your proposed budget against the other creative's bids.

Please note, all budgets are subject to Assemble's 20% fee on the final budget.  You will receive the entire remaining 80% to complete the project how they see fit.

Creative Treatments

Some projects may require you to submit a creative treatment for the client to consider.  The creative brief will notify you of this and you can upload your treatment on the Creator tab, found along the left side of the project page. Once you've opened your creative page, navigate to the Upload button under Creative Treatment to add your treatment.

Applying or Declining the Job

If the job seems like a good fit, click Apply on the home page of the project. The client will be notified that you have applied for the job, and they will begin reviewing your portfolio. If required, upload a treatment and bid within the deadline.

If you choose to decline the job, just click Decline on the home page of the project. You will be removed from the project and no further action is needed.

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