On the Assemble Network, the portfolio is king.  Uploading and tagging your portfolio, as well as accurately setting your budget preferences, will dictate the type of projects that come your way.  That said, there are several ways to make sure your portfolio stands out.

Building your profile

Show us who you are!  A profile with a picture of your face goes a long way to making a client feel like they're hiring an individual.  Logos and abstract images are hard to trust and can make it seem like your work isn't your own.

Write an honest bio.  Your bio is a chance to let clients know more about you as a creative and what they can expect when working with you.  

Adding projects

Tag accurately and add descriptions to your projects.  Each of your profile pieces represents a different side of what you can accomplish creatively, but their tags are the only way they'll ever be found.  Accurate tags ensure the right clients are finding you and you're not being bogged down with projects you're not interested in.  Project descriptions are your last word on what a client can expect from your work and give you the opportunity to fill in what makes this piece special where the tags cannot.

Organize your portfolio by project where you can.  Clients like to see the breadth of work you can do for a single client in one place.  Adding a single gallery of work from dozens of clients can make it difficult to see how you approach each brand separately.  

Add the best examples of the work you want to do more of.  Clients are coming to you to make their vision a reality - they want to know you can do it, not gamble that you can.  Including the pieces you're most proud of and that you'd love to build on will ensure clients will find and hire you to do the same for them.

Keep your budgets and work current.  Updating your budget preferences  will increase the likelihood of finding a job that is a good fit - just as adding new work can put you on the radar of other clients looking for something similar.

Building Creative Treatments

Sometimes, when applying for a job, a client may request a creative treatment to supplement your portfolio.  When building it, be sure to use imagery and illustrative language wherever possible.  Be specific and original and most importantly, yourself.  Let them see your voice and vision through the treatment so they know for certain who and what they're paying for.  This will not only win you more jobs, but also prevent any surprises later on as you execute your vision.

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