Congrats! You've applied to a job and the client loved your work, so they approved you for the job. Here's what happens next.


Payments are handled directly on Assemble's platform.  Once you've connected your bank account, you will be paid directly.  Payment terms are usually dictated by the client but are typically 50% upon project start and 50% upon project completion.  


Once you have accepted a job, you will be paid the first half of the finalized budget from Assemble (minus Assemble's 20% platform fee) to begin work on the project.  You will manage the project through our online project management software, communicating directly with the client throughout.

Assemble Producer

Should any issues arise between yourself and the client, you will have an Assemble producer available to you for assistance. Your Assemble producer will be assigned at the beginning of the project, and they will reach out to you via email in case you need to get in touch.


Should you ever encounter potential overages during the course of the project, you will need to contact your Assemble producer and have them approve and increase the budget with the client. 

Discussing budget overages with the client directly or accepting payment off of the platform is a violation of our Terms of Service and can lead to your removal from the platform.


Upon completion and delivery of the project, you will receive the second half of the budget (minus Assemble's 20% platform fee) from Assemble.  

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