Creators on the Assemble platform span many different creative roles and fields.  These are the people clients and brands look to when they want to craft a campaign or piece of content for their brand and need help building it.  

Creator Roles

These are the Creators we currently accommodate in the Assemble Network:

  • Animator  
  • Colorist
  • Creative Director
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Editor
  • Music Producer
  • Photographer
  • Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Strategist
  • VFX Artist

If you would like to apply to our network and feel your role is not included in this list, please reach out to Assemble support.

Creator Capabilities

Creators on Assemble can build profiles, upload portfolios and share their Assemble page publicly as a portfolio site.

Creators can also apply to our Vetted Network. Once accepted to our Vetted Network, they are available to be invited to jobs and work with Assemble's clients.

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