Adding a Table to a Document

Learn how to add tables to documents and use advanced column types to create checkboxes and statuses.

Adding a Table to a Document

Open a new document within a project by selecting Add and then clicking Document.



Once the blank document is created, click or hover inside the body of the document and click the Table icon.



A new, empty table will be added to your document. 



Click above the table to add a Title to the table.



Click inside a cell to begin entering text.



Highlight the text to activate all of the text formatting options.


Adding and Deleting Rows or Columns in a Table

To add a new row, hover the table and click the Row Menu button. From this menu you can Insert Above or Insert Below to add a new row to your table.



You can also hover the table and click or drag the Plus button at the bottom of the table to quickly add more rows.



To add a new column, hover the table and click Column Menu and select Insert Left or Insert Right



Once you've added new columns, the table will become scrollable left to right to accommodate the new columns.



To delete a row or column, open the Row Menu or Column Menu and select Delete.


Resizing Rows and Columns

To resize a row or column, hover the table and click on a Cell Border and drag to re-size the column or row.


Drag and Drop to Reorder Rows and Columns

You can drag both rows and columns to re-order them within the table. Hover over a table column until you see the Column Menu appear. 



Click and drag this menu to reorder the column.



You can reorder rows in the same way.


Expanding the Table Width

Tables will automatically become scrollable as they grow past the standard width of the document. However, if you'd like to activate more space for the table, hover the table and click the Expand button.



This will expand the width of the table to the full width of the browser screen.



If the table is still wider than the width of the browser, you will still be able to scroll left to right to access all of the contents.

Changing the Background Color of Rows and Columns

To change the background color of a row or column, hover the table and click the Row Menu or Column Menu, and then select Cell Color to change the color of the entire row or column.


Changing a Column Name

To change the name of a column, click the Column Header to activate the Column Header Menu.



Enter a new name into the Column Name to change the name.


Adding Checkboxes to a Table

To add checkboxes to a table, click the Column Header of any column and then select Checkbox to change the Column Type to Checkboxes.



The entire column will now be filled with empty checkboxes. Click a Checkbox to mark it as checked.


Adding Statuses to a Table

To add statuses to a table, click the Column Header of any column and then select Status to change the Column Type to Statuses.



The entire column will now be filled with status tags.



Click a Status to open the Status Options, then select a pre-set Status to change the status of the cell.



To create custom statuses, click a Status to open the Status Options and then select Edit Statuses.



From here, you can drag and drop the statuses to re-order them.



The first status in the list will be the default status for any new cells added to the document.

Click an existing Status to edit the status tag.



Here you can change the NameColor or select Delete Status. Click the Checkmark to save and return to the prior screen.



Click Add New Status to add a new status option.


Sorting and Filtering Columns

You can sort and filter your table's data in a variety of ways depending on the Column Type. Click the Column Header to view the sort or filter options.

  • Text: You can sort text alphabetically order from A to Z by clicking Sort Ascending or Z to A by clicking Sort Descending.



    Deleting a Table

    To delete a table, hover the table and select the Trash Can icon in the top right corner.



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