Archiving a Project

Learn how to archive your projects on Assemble

How to Archive a Project

When you've completed a project on Assemble, you may want to remove it from your list of active projects, but not delete it permanently. 

To do so, open the Project Settings by selecting the Gear Icon at the top of the left-hand sidebar.  

Clicking Gear Icon-2

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Archive button.  You will be prompted with a warning before archiving the project.

Clicking Archive

How to Reactivate an Archived Project

Archiving a project will save the project and all of its assets in your archives. Archived projects can not be opened by anyone until you reactivate them.

To reactivate a project, navigate to the Projects Page and click the Archived filter. From here, you can view all of your projects and search (link to searching projects article) projects if needed.

Opening Archived Projects

Click on the project you want to reactivate. A modal will appear asking if you would like to reactivate the project. Click Reactivate to add the project back to your active projects and make the project accessible again.

Reactivating a Project

To learn how projects count against your active projects and storage limits, click here.