Syncing Assemble with Apple Calendar

How to sync your Assemble Calendar with Apple Calendar.

Syncing with Apple Calendar

Open the project you wish to sync, then click Calendar in the left sidebar.  

Once you are viewing the calendar, select the three-dot button from the upper right-hand corner and then click Sync Calendar from the dropdown.

A pop-up with three tabs appears.  Select the Apple Calendar tab. 

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the generated URL, then navigate to your Apple Calendar.
  2. Click File and select the New Calendar Subscription option.
  3. Paste the URL here, and click Subscribe.

The default update period is 1 week with Apple. You can update that by right-clicking the calendar in the left-hand column of your Apple Calendar, and then selecting Get Info.

NOTE: While your Assemble calendar should sync immediately, future updates in Assemble may take up to a day to appear in your external calendar based on your Apple calendar settings.

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