Inviting New Teammates to My Workspace

Learn how to invite new teammates to your workspace and control who can auto-join.

How do Teammates Join My Workspace?

New teammates can join your workspace a number of different ways:

  • They can be invited by other teammates via projects or in the workspace settings.
  • New users who sign up for an account with the same email domain as your workspace can auto-join your workspace (approval optional).
  • Guests can request to be upgraded to teammates (approval required).

How to Invite Teammates to Join My Workspace

To invite a new teammate, open your dashboard and click the Profile icon in the top right, click Settings.

Next, select Teammates.

Then enter an email address, then click Invite to invite the new teammate.

If you have a seat available, the new teammate will automatically be assigned to this seat. If there are no seats available, a new seat will be added to your account and your billing will increase accordingly.

To learn how to invite teammates from projects, click here.

Managing Who Can Auto-Join My Workspace

Any new teammates invited by existing teammates will automatically be added as a teammate within your workspace. However, you do have control over other types of requests.

By default, new users who sign up with the same email address as your workspace will be able to auto-join your workspace.

If you'd like to turn off their ability to auto-join, navigate to Settings and click the General tab.

If you have signed up with an email domain you own, you will see the option to Allow users with this email domain to auto-join this workspace.

If this setting is turned on, whenever a new user signs up with your company email address, they will be able to automatically join your workspace with no approval required.

When this setting is turned off, they will have the ability to request to join your workspace. This will notify the account admins via email, and only the admins will have the ability to approve them and add them to the workspace.

If you have not signed up with an email domain you own (such as a Gmail address), click the Three-Dot Menu and select Change Email Address to update it to an email that you own.

Sharing a Magic Link to Join My Workspace

You can also share a link that will enable any users to join or request to join your workspace. Just navigate to the Teammates tab and click Copy Invite Link.

Send this link to anyone and they will be directed to a signup page for your workspace.

Upgrading Guests to Teammates

Guests have limited capabilities, and throughout their usage of the platform they may encounter a feature that they do not have access to.

Guests have the ability to request access to these features by requesting to be upgraded to a teammate. If a guest does so, you will be notified via email that a guest has requested to be upgraded to a teammate.

To approve or deny their request, navigate to Settings and open the Teammates tab.

Beneath the list of teammates you will see the request under Requested to Join Workspace. Click Approve or X to approve or deny the guest's request.

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