Managing Custom Branding for My Workspace

Learn how to add custom branding to your emails and login & sign-up screens.

Custom Branding

Assemble enables you to create a branded experienced for everyone interacting with your workspace. Aside from the workspace logo, you can implement two other forms of custom branding:

  • Custom branded login & signup screens
  • Custom branded emails

NOTE: You must be a workspace admin to access any of the features described in this help article.

Changing my Workspace Name & Logo

To update your workspace's name and logo, open your dashboard, click the Profile icon and select Settings.

Next, click the General tab.

Here, click Upload Logo to add a new logo for your workspace. This logo will be used for all login screens and custom emails described below.

Enter a new name in Workspace Name and click Save to confirm the new name.

Utilizing Custom Branded Emails

To access custom branded login & signup screens, navigate to Settings and select General.

Scroll to the Custom Branding section you will see an option for Emails. Turn this option On to activate it.

With this feature turned on, all notification emails sent from your workspace will feature your company logo and company name.

Utilizing Custom Branded Login & Signup Screens

Within these settings you will see a section for Custom Branded Login & Signup Screen. Click Copy Link to copy the URL for your custom screens.

You can share this link with anyone, and anyone who clicks it will be directed to Login & Signup pages featuring your logo and company name.

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