Switching Between Month View & Timeline View

How to switch the calendar view between timeline and month view.

Switching the Calendar View

Assemble calendars offer two ways to view them; timeline and month view.  To switch between them, find the Calendar Icons in the upper right corner.  The default Month View Icon will be highlighted.  Clicking the Timeline View Icon will switch to the timeline view.  You can use both icons to toggle back and forth.

Month View

Month View is the default view for Assemble calendars.  It places tasks on a typical monthly calendar.

You can move backwards or forwards in time by clicking the Left and Right arrows in the upper left hand corner of the calendar beside the month and year.

Add tasks by clicking anywhere on the calendar.

Timeline View

Timeline View stacks all of your phases on a horizontal calendar you can scroll through by date from left to right.  

The column on the left will indicate each timeline's phase, and show the tasks within each.  The project timeline bar at the very top of the calendar will contain a single line from the date of that project's first task to its last. 

To hide the phase sidebar, click the Arrow.

Add tasks by clicking the desired date in the desired phase's timeline.

To learn more about building calendars, click here.

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