Sharing Review Links of Files

Learn how to share review links of files for external viewing and feedback.

Sharing a Review Link

Assemble enables you to share Review Links with anyone on the web, allowing them to view the file, leave feedback and change the status with no login required.

To share a Private Review Link, open the file and click Share in the upper right hand corner. From the dropdown, select Share Review Link.

From this menu, you can set the options for your review link.

  • Edit File Name: Change the name of the file for the review link. This will not change the name of the file within Assemble.
  • Track Views: This will enable you to track who has viewed the file and when by requiring each viewer enter their email address before viewing.
  • Enable Download: This will enable viewers to download the file directly from the review link.
  • Add Password Protection: Add a password that must be entered before anyone can view the review link.
  • Share as Presentation: This will turn on presentation mode, which will display the file full screen and disable comments. It will also give the viewer the ability to switch between day and night mode. 
  • Custom Email: Send a custom subject line and email message with your review link.

Once you have selected the appropriate options, click Create Link to generate a share link. You can copy and paste this URL, or enter an email address to send the link via email from Assemble.

Tracking Who Has Viewed a Review Link

Under the Sharing tab you will see a list of all emails the link has been shared with, and a timer showing how long ago it was shared with them.

When someone has viewed a review link, a green checkmark will appear and the timer will now show how long ago they last viewed the link.

Viewing and Leaving Feedback on Review Links

When an external user opens a private review link, they will be able to view the file, change the status and leave comments. 

Before they can change the status or leave comments, they will be prompted to enter their Name so that you can keep track of their activity.

Review Link Feedback Thread

When a Private Review Link is created, an additional feedback thread is added to the file within your Assemble project. Any feedback that is left on this Private Review Link by any viewer will be collected here. This allows you to keep all feedback from the link organized and separate from your Assemble collaborators.These comments will be visible to all collaborators on the project.

NOTE: Each file can only have one review link. 

To learn more about private feedback threads, click here.

Updating a Review Link

To update the review link settings at any time, open the file and click Share, then Share Review Link.

Click the Settings tab to make any necessary changes and then click Update Link

These settings will automatically be reflected across the review links for this file, with no need to re-share the link.

Deleting a Review Link

To delete a review link, open the file of choice, click Share and select Share Review Link.

From this menu, click the Trash Can icon to delete the review link.

This will delete the link permanently, along with all review link comments, and remove any user's ability to access it.

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