Creating Private Feedback Threads on Files

Learn how to create private feedback threads to have private conversations with different Teams

Private Feedback Thread Overview

Assemble enables you to create Private Feedback Threads on any file, for each team within your project.



Private Feedback Threads allow you to segment feedback by Teams, and ensure that different teams do not communicate directly with each other.

For instance, you may want to create a 'Client' team and ensure that other teams do not see their feedback on files. With private feedback threads, you can be assured that:

  • All feedback left by the 'Client' team will only be visible to other members of the 'Client' team. No other teams on the project will be able to view the 'Client' team's feedback (except for full access users on My Team).
  • The 'Client' team can not see any other team's feedback threads on the project either.

To learn more about managing teams and user permissions, click here.

Creating Private Feedback Threads on Files

Open the file you wish to share for feedback, and then click Share in the upper-right corner. Select Invite Collaborators to this File from the drop-down.  



A pop-up will allow you to select which teams can access the file. Turn the switch on for each Team you want to gather feedback from.



When you return to the file, you will notice icons on the right-hand side of the screen for each team that can view this file.



Clicking an icon will take you into that team's private feedback thread. Any feedback left by any user of that team will be collected here.


Private Feedback Thread Viewing Options

When a user on the full access My Team logs in to view the file, they will see all of the team icons on the right-hand side, since they have full access to the project.



However, when a user on a Restricted Team logs in to view this file, they will not see the team icons on the right-hand side. They will only have access to their team's feedback thread.



Any user can check to see who else can also view their feedback thread. Clicking on the Members option at the top will show a list of all members who can view the feedback thread.



Clicking on the Visible To option at the top will show which Teams can view this feedback thread.



To learn how to share comments from one private feedback thread to another, click here.

Private Feedback Threads within Documents

Private feedback threads work the same way within collaborative documents. You can leave in-line comments within a document, and they will only be visible to the current Team.



Switching Teams will show you different in-line comments left by each Team. This enables you to get feedback from all Teams directly within one document, but control which Teams can see which feedback.



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