Granting a Team Access to Phases, Folders and Files

Learn how to give a team access to phases, folders and files

Granting Access to Phases and Folders

Once you've opened your project, select the Phase from the left-hand column or the Folder within the phase that you wish to share with a Team.



Under the phase or folder title, select the Team Icon.  



From the pop-up, switch on every Team you wish to have access to its associated assets and folders. 



You can also click the Members tab and turn individual member's access on or off.  


Granting Access to a File

To give a team access to a file, open the asset and select Share from the top-right menu. From the drop-down, select Invite Collaborators to this File.



From this screen, you can switch on Teams you want to have access to this file.



You can also click the Members tab to turn individual member's access on or off.



Inviting users in this manner will require them to create an Assemble account to view the phase or folder.

To learn about sharing review links with users outside of Assemble, click here.