How to Create a Document

Learn how to create a collaborative document within Assemble.

Creating a Document

To create a new document in Assemble, navigate to any of your Phase folders, and then select Add > Document.



A new blank Document will open.



Type a name in the Document Title section to give the document a title. The title will be reflected at the top of the document as well.



Click Type something here and begin typing to add text into the body of your document.



Change Text Formatting

To change the formatting of text within your document, highlight the text you would like to format and the Formatting Bar will appear.



Within this menu you can change:

  • Font Color & Background Color: Click the button to open the color menu. Scroll down to select a Font Color and Background color.



  • Header Style: Click Paragraph to change the header style of the text. You can choose from Large Title, Title, Subtitle and Paragraph.



  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough: Click the Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikethrough icons to apply styling to the text.



  • Bullet List & Number List: Click the List dropdown to select either a Bullet List or a Number List.



You can also quickly create a bullet list by typing a dash ("-") followed by text and then pressing Enter.



Similarly, you can create a numbered list by typing a number and a dot ("1.") followed by text and then pressing Enter.


Adding Links to Documents

Add links into documents by highlighting the text where you want to add a hyperlink, then select the Link button from the formatting bar.



Next, enter the Link URL.



You can quickly preview the link URL by clicking the Open Link button.



When you're done, click the Link icon or press Enter to save. The text will now contain a hyperlink. Clicking the link will open the web page in a new browser tab.



To edit the link, highlight the hyperlinked text and select the Link button from the formatting bar.



From here, you can enter a new link URL, or click the Unlink button to remove the hyperlink.


Adding Tables to Documents

To add a table to a document, click on an empty line and then select the Table icon.



A new empty table will be created.



To learn more about adding tables to documents, click here.

Adding a Cover Image to a Document

To add a cover image, hover over the header of your document and select Add Cover Image.



On the next screen, upload an image to the document.



After the upload, you can choose to display the image Full Width or Inline Width



If you don't have an image, you can also select Custom Color to choose a solid colored background.



Once you're done, click Save to save the cover image to your document.

To remove a cover image, hover the header and select Change Cover.



Inside the menu, click Remove Cover.


Adding Widgets to Documents

Widgets are interactive elements that can be added to the header of your document. To add a widget, hover over the header of your document and select Add Widget.



On the next screen, select the Widget you'd like to add to your document.



To learn more about adding widgets, click here.

Editing the Document Name & Thumbnail

To update the document name, click the Three Dot Menu in the top right of the screen, and then select Edit Document



Update the Title to change the document title.



You can also upload a custom thumbnail by clicking Upload Photo

To learn how to change the status of a document, click here.

Deleting a Document

To delete a document, click the Three Dot Menu in the top right of the screen, and select Delete Document.



On the confirmation message, select Delete to permanently delete the document.



To learn how to share a review link of your document, click here.