Inviting Team Members to Projects

How to invite team members to join your projects, calendars and assets.

Inviting Users to Your Project

To invite a user to your project, open the project and click the Invite button at the top right of your project dashboard.



Enter the user's email address and click Invite.



This user will receive an email inviting them to the project, and will automatically have access to the project.

Controlling Team Member's Access to Your Project

By default, users you invite will be added to the full access My Team team, and will be granted admin level access to the project.

If you would like to restrict a user's access to a project, you can create a Team by clicking the Add to Team field and either creating a new Team by clicking Create a New Team, or adding them to an existing Team.



To learn more about Teams and user permissions, click here.

Inviting Users from a File

Within any file, you can invite users to your projects by clicking Share at the top right and selecting Invite Collaborators to this File.



Under Invite by Email, enter their email address, select which Team you'd like to add them to under the Add to Team option, and click Invite.



Inviting Users within Teams

At the bottom right of your project dashboard, you will see your list of Teams.



Click any Team and enter their email address under Invite by Email, then click Invite. Users will be added directly to this team.