Inviting Team Members to View Assets

Learn how to share assets with other team members within the Assemble project

Sharing Assets

To control which team members can access an asset, click the Share button in the upper right-hand corner of the asset's page and select Invite Collaborators to this File from the drop down menu.

Clicking Invite Collaborators

The pop-up will allow you to share access to the asset with either an entire Team or individual Members.  You can also invite a new user to join the project and view the asset by entering their email address and clicking Invite. Inviting a new collaborator to view a file will require them to create an Assemble account.

To learn more about sharing Private Review Links with users without an account, click here.

To share access with an entire team, click the switch for that team under the Team tab, or to share access with an individual user, click the Member tab and click the switch beside the user's name. You can also switch an entire Team on, but then control which Members within that Team have access.

Switching Invite Tabs

To learn more about Teams, click here.

Teams and Private Feedback Threads

Whenever a new Team is given access to an asset, a new Private Feedback Thread will be created for that Team. All feedback left by that Team will be collected here, and users of that Team will only be able to see that feedback thread, and none of the others on the project.

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