Leaving Feedback on Assets

Learn how to leave feedback on assets within Assemble.

Leaving Feedback

When viewing an asset in Assemble, a feedback thread will appear along the right side of the screen.  Here you can leave comments for the asset for others to see.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 5.17.51 PM

Leaving Feedback on Videos

When leaving feedback on a video, you have the option of tying your comment to a specific timestamp and marking it in the video timeline.  To do so, click on Leave Comment in the feedback thread of a video asset.  A menu will appear with a clock icon next to a timestamp of where the video is currently is.  Click the checkbox beside it to create a comment tied to that frame of the video asset.

Leaving Comment with Timestamp

Once made, your comment will appear in the feedback thread with a timestamp link to the relevant frame of the video, and also in the video timeline as a dot with your name.  When clicked, it will call out your comment from the feedback thread.

Clicking Comment Dot

Private Feedback Threads

Should you be on more than one team, or you created the project, you will see along the right edge several team icons with which you can switch between each team's respective private feedback thread.  

Clicking Through Feedback Threads

To learn more about creating Private Feedback Threads, click here.

Should a comment on one thread be relevant to another, you can share this comment across teams and even do so anonymously.  This can be done by clicking the Share Arrow when hovering over a comment.

Sharing Comment Across Feedback Threads

To learn more about comment sharing, click here.