Leaving Feedback on Files

Learn how to leave feedback on files within Assemble.

Leaving Feedback

When viewing a file in Assemble, a feedback thread will appear along the right side of the screen. Here you can leave comments on the file for others to see.


Leaving Feedback on Video and Audio Files

When leaving feedback on a video or audio file, you have the option of attaching your comment to a specific timestamp and marking it on the video or audio timeline.  To do so, click on Leave Comment in the feedback thread of a video or audio file.  By default, the Clock Icon will be selected, showing the current timecode of the video or audio file. 



Once added, your comment will appear in the feedback thread with a timestamp link to the relevant frame of the video or audio file, and also in the video or audio timeline as a dot with your name appearing on hover.  



When clicked, it will highlight your comment from the feedback thread.



To disable timestamped comments, just click the Clock Icon to deselect it before leaving a comment.4-Sep-28-2021-04-10-13-79-PM


Replying to Comments

To reply to a comment, click the Reply button at the bottom of the comment and enter your reply, then click Publish.


Using Emojis

To add an emoji to your comments, click the Emoji icon at the bottom of the comment field and choose from a list of emojis.


Mention Teammates in Comments

To mention a teammate in a comment, either click the icon at the bottom of the comment field and select from a list of teammates, or just type on your keyboard to pull up the list of teammates in-line. 



Once you tag a teammate and publish the comment, they will be sent an in-app and email notification. 

To learn how to change the status of a document click here.

Editing & Deleting Comments

To edit a comment, hover over the comment and click the Pencil icon.



Edit the comment as you like, and then click Save to save the new comment.



To delete a comment, hover the comment and click the Trash Can icon.



Click Delete to confirm the deletion.



To learn more about creating Feedback Threads to have private conversations with different Teams click here.