Sharing Review Links of Calendars

How to share as a Calendar as a public link.

Sharing and Syncing your Calendar

Sharing a calendar enables you to create a publicly accessible version of the calendar that teammates can access, without needing an Assemble account. From this public link, they can also sync the calendar to Google Cal, iCal or Microsoft Outlook.

Once the calendar has been shared and your teammates have synced it to their calendar of choice, making an update to the calendar in Assemble will automatically update the calendar for everyone, regardless of which calendar platform they are using.

How to Share your Calendar

From the project's calendar page, click on the Share button in the upper right corner, and select Share a Review Link.



This will open up the calendar share settings.



From this window, you can select which Team's events you'd like to display on the share link by clicking the All Teams dropdown and checking the desired Teams.



To learn more about Teams and Private Events, click here.

Additionally, you can choose to add a password to the link by checking Enable Password Protection and entering a password. Anyone who receives the calendar link will be required to enter this password before accessing the calendar.



Once you're ready to share the calendar, click Create Link. Next, you can either copy the URL to the calendar and share it with anyone by clicking Copy, or select the Email tab to send the calendar directly from Assemble via email.



You can delete this link at any time by clicking Delete Link in the dropdown from the Share Calendar window.


How to Sync the Calendar

Once the calendar has been shared, users can access the calendar with no Assemble account required.

To sync this calendar to the calendar application of choice, just click Sync and then follow the instructions to sync the calendar.



Learn more about syncing the calendar to Apple Cal, Google Cal and Outlook here.