Understanding Project & Storage Limits

Learn how project and storage limits affect your billing plan

Subscription Tiers

Subscription tiers are based on usage, which is measured by the amount of storage and number of active projects.

Each Subscription Tier has its own limit for the amount of storage you can use and the number of active projects you can have. To view our latest pricing, click here.

How Storage is Calculated

When you create a New Project, you are the Project Owner, and any assets you or anyone else adds to that project will count against your storage.  Alternatively, when you upload assets to a project owned by someone else, those assets will count against that project owner's storage balance.

When you Archive a project on Assemble, you remove it from your list of active projects, but all of its assets can still be accessed at any time by reactivating the project.  For this reason, archived projects still count against your storage.

To remove a project's from your storage balance, you will need to permanently delete the project.

To learn how to delete a project, click here.

How Active Projects are Calculated

Active Projects are any projects that are listed under the Active tab on the Projects page. All active projects will count against your project limit.

Once you archive a project, it will no longer count against your active project limit, unless you reactivate the project at a future date.

To learn more about archiving projects, click here.