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Assemble Onboarding Guide

Have you been invited to collaborate on Assemble? Get up and running in seconds with this short guide.

Accessing Assemble

If you've been invited to Assemble, you can create an account to access your team's projects.

However, your team may also share review links from Assemble, including:

  1. Calendars
  2. Assets
  3. Documents

If you receive an Assemble review link for any of these items, you'll be able to access it with a click. No sign up or email address required.

Syncing your Calendar

If a calendar review link is shared with you, you'll be able to access a live, always updated version of the project calendar at any time with no sign-up required. Just open the link to view.



However, you can also sync it to your personal calendar of choice, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Just click the Sync button, choose your calendar of choice, and follow the simple instructions to sync your calendar.



(If you're logged in, the sync option will appear under the Three Dot Menu in the top right.)

Now your personal calendar will be automatically updated any time the Assemble calendar is changed.

Leaving Feedback

If someone shares an asset review link with you, you can easily leave feedback. Just open the link and click Leave Comment to type your comment. If you're not logged in, you'll just need to add your name so your team knows who the comments came from.



For video files, the comments will automatically be timestamped and added to the video timeline.

You can also change the status of an asset by clicking Set Status at the top and choosing your status of choice.


Collaborating in Documents

If someone shares an Assemble document with you, you'll be able to edit the document yourself. Just click anywhere to start typing. You can also highlight a section of text to bring up the text formatting bar.



Click the Comment icon to leave feedback.



Unable to edit a document? This means the document owner has turned Presentation Mode on, which will turn the document into a read-only version. 


If you're interested in learning more about all of Assemble's capabilities, visit our website and help center.