Types of Files in Assemble

Learn about the three different types of media files in Assemble.

Types of Media Files

Before uploading files, you need to decide which file type makes the most sense for your needs. Assemble has three different media file types with their own unique benefits:

  • Assets: Assets are individual files such as a video, PDF or an individual photo for review. Assets are considered self-contained, individual assets and will come with version control so that you can manage versions throughout the life of the project. 


    Note: You can bulk upload individual assets by selecting 'Assets' and then uploading multiple files at once. Each file will be uploaded as an individual asset.

    To learn more about uploading individual assets, click here.
  • Gallery: A gallery is a collection of assets, such as a photo gallery. Galleries can be a combination of any types of assets (i.e. photos and videos) and will be combined into a shareable gallery format with scroll arrows and thumbnail navigation. Galleries do not have version control.


    To learn more about creating galleries, click here.
  • Submissions: Submissions enable you to create a spec (such as a description for a casting role), and then submit multiple submissions for approval. 


    To learn more about adding submissions, click here.

Uploading your Files

To upload a file, select which phase you'd like to add your asset to in the column on the left side of your project. 

Next, click the box + Add button in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can select which type of file you want to add.



To learn about adding a collaborative document to your project, click here.