Using the Master Calendar

How to use the master calendar to view all of your project calendars.

Accessing the Master Calendar

The master calendar can be found from the Projects Dashboard by clicking the Calendar tab at the top of the screen.



Here you will find all your calendars combined into a single Master Calendar.

To learn more about building a calendar, click here.

Viewing and Filtering the Calendar

There are two ways to view your calendar. Month View will show you upcoming events in a standard grid format.  



Timeline View will show you events across a horizontal timeline sorted by project, and then by phase.



These views can be toggled by clicking the Month and Timeline View buttons in the upper right corner of your calendar.



In timeline view, you can collapse all projects to view only the project timelines and milestones.



To collapse all projects at once, just hover the top left of the calendar and click Collapse All to collapse the calendars.



To learn more about creating milestones, click here.

To filter the master calendar by projects, click on the Projects dropdown at the top right of the calendar, then click the Project Name for each calendar you want to display on the master calendar.  



Assemble will remember your viewing and filter preferences and display them each time you view the master calendar.

Creating a Task

Create a New Task by clicking anywhere on the calendar.



From here, the task details will open. Click the Project Name at the top left to add this task to a specific project.



Next, add notes, project phase, start and end date, subtasks, comments and more.

To learn more about building a calendar, click here.

Undefined Tasks

If you add tasks to the calendar with no associated project, they will be added to a default project titled Undefined. You can filter by this project in the calendar filter, or view it as a standalone project in the timeline view.


Deleting a Task

To delete a task, just open the task and click the Three Dot Menu at the top right, then click Delete.

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