The Difference Between Teammates and Guests

An explanation and breakdown of the different access levels for Teammates and Guests.


Assemble enables you to invite two types of users to your projects:

  • Teammates: Paid users who have access to all of the features in your workspace
  • Guests: Free users who can access a limited set of features within your projects, such as reviewing assets, leaving feedback and uploading files.

We recommend inviting your co-workers and consistent collaborators (i.e. "perma-lancers") as teammates for the best collaboration experience.

Short-term, external users such as clients or freelancers can be invited as guests so they can access your projects with limited capabilities.

Teammate vs. Guest Comparison

Below is a breakdown of capabilities for teammates vs. guests.

The teammates column is based on our Pro plan. Users who are signed up for the Starter plan will not have all of the capabilities listed in this column.

For a full breakdown of the pricing plans, click here.

  Features Guest Teammate (Pro Plan)
  Start Projects   Yes
  Join projects Yes Yes
  Update Project Details   Yes
  Delete & Archive Projects   Yes
  Create Phases & Folders   Yes
  Delete Phases & Folders   Yes
  Invite Users Yes Yes
  Remove Users   Yes
  Save Project Templates   Yes
  Open Project Templates   Yes
  Calendar & Tasks    
  Create Tasks   Yes
  Assign Tasks   Yes
  Be Assigned to Tasks Yes Yes
  Edit & Move Tasks   Yes
  Change Task Visibility   Yes
  Complete Tasks Yes Yes
  Comment on Tasks Yes Yes
  Share Calendar Yes Yes
  Share Team Specific Calendar   Yes
  Password Protected Sharing   Yes
  Lock Calendar   Yes
  View Global Calendar   Yes
Use Advanced Calendar Filters
Filter by User on Global Calendar

  Files & Feedback    
  Upload Assets Yes Yes
  Upload New Versions Yes Yes
  Upload Galleries Yes Yes
  Star Files in Galleries Yes Yes
  Create Submissions   Yes
  Add Files to Existing Submissions Yes Yes
  Edit File Details Yes (Owned) Yes (All)
  Move Files Yes Yes
  Download Files  Yes Yes
  Delete Files Yes (Owned) Yes (All)
  Comment on Files Yes Yes
  Mark Comments as Complete Yes Yes
  View Private Feedback Threads   Yes
  Share Comments Between Threads   Yes
  Change File Status  Yes Yes
  Share Files  Yes Yes
  Password Protected Sharing   Yes
  Manage Download Permissions   Yes
  Share as Presentation   Yes
  Create Documents   Yes
  Edit Documents Yes Yes
  Create New Versions   Yes
  Comment on Documents Yes Yes
  Mark Comments as Complete Yes Yes
  View Private Feedback Threads   Yes
  Share Comments Between Threads   Yes
  Change Document Status  Yes Yes
  Share Documents  Yes Yes
  Password Protected Sharing   Yes
  Share as Presentation   Yes
  Publish as Template   Yes
  Save Document Templates   Yes
  Open Document Templates   Yes
  Teams & Permissions    
  Create Guest Teams   Yes
Move Users Between Teams   Yes
  Change Phase & Folder Permissions   Yes

To learn more about individual features listed here, check out our Help Library.

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