Understanding Assemble's Pricing Plans

A comparison of our different pricing plans.


Assemble enables you to collaborate with your co-workers, collaborators and external users such as clients and freelancers in a simple, seamless way.

For our workspaces, we offer two tiers:

  • Starter: Great for freelancers and small teams who need basic collaboration tools
  • Pro: Great for creative companies and teams who need access to all of our features

No matter which tier you select, you will have the option to invite two types of users to join your projects:

  • Teammates: Paid users who have access to all of the features in your workspace
  • Guests: Free users who can access a limited set of features within your projects, such as reviewing assets, leaving feedback and uploading files.

To see all of the capabilities of teammates vs. guests, click here.

Plan Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of all of the features in Assemble based on which plan you select.

   Features Starter Plan Pro Plan
   Projects Unlimited Unlimited
   Storage 100GB 500GB
   Storage Add-Ons Yes Yes
   Custom Branded Login Screen No Yes
   Custom Branded Emails No Yes
   Organize Projects by Folders No Yes
   Shared Company Templates No Yes
   Free Guests Unlimited Unlimited
   Guest Teams 1 Unlimited
   Private Feedback Threads 1 Unlimited
   Guest Team Logos No Yes
   File Sharing    
   Unlimited File Sharing Yes Yes
   Manage Download Permissions Yes Yes
   Password Protected Sharing No Yes
  Share Calendar Review Links Yes Yes
  Private Tasks No Yes
  Lock Calendar No Yes
  Password Protected Sharing No Yes
  Advanced Calendar Filtering No Yes

  Create Documents Yes Yes
  Custom Text Widget Yes Yes
  Map Widget No Yes
  Weather Widget No Yes

To learn more about individual features listed here, check out our Help Library.

How to Change Your Plan

To change your plan, navigate to your Projects dashboard and click the Profile icon at the top right, then select Settings.

Next, select Billing and click Manage Plan.

From here, you will be able to select either the Starter or Pro plan for your account.

To learn how to add more seats to your account, click here.

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