Moving a User to a Different Team

How to move users from one team to another.

Moving Users to Another Team

From your Project's dashboard, select the user's current team from the left-hand column under Teams.

Next, hover over the user's name and then click on the arrow to the far right and select Change Team from the drop-down.

On the pop-up, click Add to Team and select the team you want to move the user to. When finished, click Move to move the user.

Teammates vs. Guests

Teammates can be moved onto any team, including the Workspace Team and any of the Guest Teams.

If you move a teammate to a guest team, they will assume the viewing permissions of that team. However, unlike guest users, they will still have the ability to use all of Assemble's features. You can identify teammates on Guest teams by the Teammate tag next to their name.

Guests cannot be added to the Workspace Team unless they are upgraded to a teammate. If you attempt to move a guest to the workspace team, you will be prompted to upgrade them to a teammate.

Click Add 1 Seat to confirm the upgrade and they will be moved to the workspace team.

To learn more about teammates vs. guests, click here.

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