How to Manage Seats on My Account

Learn how to manage the number of seats and paid users on your account.


When you create a workspace, you can invite other teammates to join your workspace. These teammates will have access to all of the project features on your account.

Each teammate requires a paid seat on your account. In this article, we'll show you how to manage the amount of paid seats on your account.

To learn about the difference between teammates and guests, click here.

Managing Seats in your Workspace

To add or remove seats from your workspace, open your workspace and click the Profile Icon in the top-right, navigate to Settings.

Next, click the Billing tab. Under your Plan Overview you'll see your Seat Usage, including how many seats are being used and the total amount of seats available.

To add or remove seats, click Manage Seats.

On this screen, you can add or remove seats in your workspace. The additional or reduced monthly cost will be displayed below. Once you are finished, click Confirm to confirm the new amount of seats.

The changes to your amount of seats will be pro-rated in your account billing.

NOTE: You will be unable to reduce the amount of seats beneath the current amount of seats being used by teammates in your workspace. Before doing this, you will need to remove teammates from the workspace.

Manage Teammates in Your Workspace

To manage the teammates to your workspace, open the Settings and click Teammates.

On this screen, you'll see a list of teammates currently in your workspace.

This screen will also show you how many available seats you have.

To add a new user, type their email address in the invite field and click Invite

If you have available seats in your workspace, they will automatically be added to one of the available seats. If there are no seats available on your account, you will be asked to confirm the addition of another paid seat.

Click Confirm to add the teammate to your account on a new paid seat.

To remove a teammate from your workspace, click their Role and then select Remove

Click Confirm to remove them from your workspace. Their seat will now become available for other new users.

By default, any user that signs up with your company email address can auto-join your project and will be automatically added as a paid seat.

To learn how to manage auto-joining, click here.

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