Starting a New Project

How to start a new Project on Assemble.

Starting a Project

From your Project Dashboard, click the New Project button in the top right corner.

On the next screen, you can choose to start a Blank Project or use a pre-made Project Template.

Click Blank Project to build a project from scratch.

To learn more about project templates, click here.

Next, enter the Project Name and Company Name. Additionally, you can add a Company Logo.

Adding Phases

Next, you'll be given the option to add Phases. Phases help you organize your project into different stages. Each phase can have its own assets, tasks and viewing permissions.

Click Add Phase to create a custom phase. In the next screen, you can enter the Name, Description, and Color of the phase.

You can also select from our list of Phase Suggestions. Click any of the suggested phases to add them to your project.

Reordering Phases

You can reorder your phases by dragging and dropping them within the stack of phases.

Once you're finished adding phases, click Next.

Inviting Teammates

On the next screen, you can begin inviting teammates to your project.

If you are setting up a project for the first time, enter the email addresses of your teammates and click Invite to add them to your project.

If you already have teammates in your workspace, you'll see a list of your teammates. Click the + button to add them to the project.

NOTE: You'll be able to add free guests after your project has been created.

Click Done and your new Assemble project is ready to go.

To learn about the difference between teammates and guests, click here.

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