Adding Submissions to a Project

Learn how to use submissions to manage presentation of multiple options for approval.

What are Submissions?

Submissions are a unique type of asset that allows you to manage multiple submissions in a single asset. Submissions are made up of two components:

  • Spec: The title and specifications of what you are looking for. Examples could be a role you are a casting for a film or a location you are seeking for a shoot.
  • Submissions: Submissions for the spec, such as actors or location options. Each submission is a gallery that can contain photos, videos, external links and any other file type.

Adding a Submission to your Project

To add a submission, open any Phase in your project and click the + Add button in the top right of the screen, then select Submission from the drop down menu.

On the next screen, enter a Title and Specifications for what you are looking for.

Below, click Add Submission to add submission options for the spec.

Each submission can include photos, videos, PDFs, audio files and all other file types. You can also add an external link as a submission if you would like to link to an external site. Just click the Add a Link option and enter the external URL.

Once you've added all of your submissions, click Save to add them to your project.

Open a submissions file to view the spec you've created, along with all of the submission options that have been added.

Managing Submissions

Once submissions are added, you can open each submission and add descriptions or leave comments for your team.

Within each asset in the submission, you can click the Add a Description... section under the asset to add more details.

Creating Shortlists

To create a Shortlist of your favorite submissions, open a submission, click Set Status and select Shortlist from the menu.

This will create a new section titled Shortlist where you can add as many submission options as you'd like.

Approving Submissions

Once a submission is approved, click the Set Status button in the top right of the submission and click Approved.

This will mark the submission as approved, and the rest of the submissions will remain in the Shortlist, or be moved into the Other Submissions section.  These other options will be dulled out, but can still be accessed in case you need to choose another option for approval.

If you return to the folder view,  you will see that the thumbnail of the Submissions also now shows only the approved submission.

Editing Submissions

If you need to edit the submissions, click the Three Dot menu in the top right and select Edit Submissions.

From this screen, you can update the Title and Specifications of the Spec. Or you can also delete or edit the submissions by hovering over the submission and clicking the Pencil or Trash Can icon.

If you click the Pencil icon, you can edit the Title of the submission, or add, edit and delete assets. You can also re-order the assets by clicking and dragging.

Sharing Submissions

To share a set of submissions with other team members on the project, click the Share button and then select Invite Collaborators.

Within this screen, you can grant access to entire Teams or individual Members. You can also Invite new members to join the project via email.

Adding team members to an asset in this method will require them to create an Assemble account to join the project.

To learn more about inviting team members to view files, click here.

You can also manage the download permissions for the submissions on this screen as well.

To learn more about download permissions, click here.

Within each submission, you can also utilize Teams to create private feedback threads.

To learn more about private feedback threads, click here.

If you would like to share the submissions with external users who do not have Assemble accounts, click the Share button and select Share Review Link.

This will enable you to share this set of submissions as a public link that can be accessed with no login required.

Once the link is shared, external users can review, comment, and approve the submissions.

To learn more about sharing private review links, click here.

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