Using Teams to Manage User Permissions

Learn how to use Teams to manage user permissions within your project.

Team Overview

Teams enable you to create groups of users with different levels of access to your project.

Each project starts with two teams, the Workspace Team (which will inherit the name of your workspace), and a Guest Team.

Users in the Workspace Team will have full access to the entire project and all features. Only Teammates can be added to this team.

The Guest Team will only be able to access phases, folders, files and tasks that they have permission to view. Additionally, users in this team will not have access to all features.

To see a breakdown of teammates vs. guests, click here.

Creating a New Guest Team

To create a new Guest team, click on the + beside Guest Teams in the left-hand column.

A pop-up will prompt you to give this new team a Name. You can also upload a Logo, or choose a Custom Color for the icon. Click Save to save the changes.

Adding Users to a Team

From each team page, you can add new team members by entering their email in the Invite by Email field and clicking Invite.

The user will be sent an invitation to join the project and then be given access to the phases, folders and assets that the team has permission to view.

Additionally, you can add users to teams by clicking the Invite button on the top right of the project.

The Invite modal will open.

Next, choose which team you would like to invite them to by clicking the Add to Team drop down. Beneath the team names, each team will be identified as a Workspace Team or Guest Team.

Users invited to the Workspace Team will be added as paid users on your workspace. Users invited to a Guest Team will be added to the project as a free user.

Enter an email address and click Invite to send the invite. 

NOTE: You can add users to multiple teams to give them access to different team's permissions. Just invite them via email to any team you want them to be on and they will automatically be added.

To learn how to move a user from one team to another, click here.

Changing the Name & Logo of a Team

To change the name of any guest team, click the Team to open it and select Edit.

From this screen, enter a new team Name.

You can also upload a new Logo, or change the icon to a Custom Color.

Once you're finished, click Save to confirm the changes.

Re-Ordering the Guest Teams

To change the order of the Guest teams in the project sidebar, simply drag and drop to re-order.

Removing Users from Teams

To remove a user from a team, open the team page, hover over their name, then click Remove

IMPORTANT: If a user is only on one team, removing them from the team will remove them from the project entirely.

Learn how to change a team's access to phases, folders and files here.

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