How to Create a New Workspace

Learn how to create a new Workspace for your company or team within Assemble.

What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a shared work environment for your company or team, where you can create projects and collaborate together. Each workspace requires its own paid subscription.

Workspaces can be used by an individual, a team, a department, or an entire company.

When workspaces are created, you can add teammates to your workspace. Teammates are paid members of the workspace who have access to all of the features on your account.

Teammates can create projects, upload assets, save templates and much more. All of the projects, assets, templates, etc. will be owned by the workspace.

To learn more about Teammates vs. Guests click here.

Creating Your First Workspace

When you start a new account on Assemble, you will be prompted to create a new Workspace.

First, add a Workspace Name. This can be your company name, team name, or any other name that you want.

Next, add a Workspace Logo. This will appear on your Workspace dashboard for anyone who joins the workspace. It will also be included in your branded login & signup screens, and branded emails. Click Create to create the workspace.

To learn more about custom branding, click here.

Finally, Invite Teammates to your workspace. Each teammate you invite will be added as a paid user to your workspace account with the ability to access all features. We recommend inviting any co-workers or consistent collaborators (i.e. "perma-lancers").

Once your Workspace setup is complete, you will be taken to the Projects dashboard where you can start your first project.

To learn more about creating a project, click here.

Joining an Existing Workspace

When you sign up for Assemble, we will utilize your email domain to see if anyone in your company has already created a workspace.

If a workspace with your email domain already exists, the workspace will be displayed. You can request to join this workspace by clicking Request, or create an entirely new workspace by clicking Create a New Workspace.

If you request to join an existing workspace, the workspace admin will need to approve you before you can join (unless they have turned auto-join on). You will receive an email notification once you have been approved.

If you are invited to an existing workspace by another teammate, once you sign up for an Assemble account you will automatically be added to that workspace.

Creating Multiple Workspaces

Sometimes, you may want to create multiple workspaces. Perhaps you want a workspace for your personal projects, or perhaps you want to create workspaces for different departments within your company.

To do this, navigate to your main Projects dashboard and click the Workspace Name in the top left corner. Beneath your current workspace, you will see the option to Create New Workspace.

Click this to create a workspace and then follow the steps above to complete the setup of your new workspace. Each workspace requires its own subscription.

To learn more about our plans, click here.

Switching Between Workspaces

If you are a member of multiple workspaces, you can easily switch between them by navigating to the main Projects dashboard, clicking the Workspace Name in the top left corner, and then selecting the Workspace that you want to access.

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